Recent Before & After Photos

Retail Store Mold Remediation

After a retail store closed this building was left empty for two years.  During that time the roof located above the dressing rooms leaked and remained und... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Texarkana, TX

A local jewelry store in Texarkana called SERVPRO of Texarkana after finding a discoloration on a couple of ceiling tiles.  SERVPRO of Texarkana is license... READ MORE

Vent Hood Fire

The vent hood in this home malfunctioned and started a fire.  The fire was put out quickly and the major damage was contained to the kitchen.  The res... READ MORE

Lightning Strike in Wake Village, TX

Summer storms rolled through Wake Village, TX and when lightning struck this house it caused a small fire in the attic.  In the picture you will notice the... READ MORE

Waste Basket Fire in Texarkana, TX

This warehouse fire was caused by a smoldering cigarette in a waste basket.  The damage was severe.  SERVPRO of Texarkana removed the damaged material... READ MORE

Fire Damage in DeKalb, TX

This fire was in an A frame house in DeKalb, TX.  The fire started on the top floor and burned through the roof.  SERVPRO of Texarkana tarped the roof... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Hot Springs, AR

This vacation home in Hot Springs, AR had a surprise for its owners when they arrived for their 4th of July celebration!  An undetected water leak had been... READ MORE

Textile Restoration

These white pants were a mess before SERVPRO of Texarkana performed their magic and made them like new again!  We were able to remove the soot and the cust... READ MORE

Restaurant Fire in Nashville, AR

This restaurant was part of a much larger complex that sustained damage.  The customer was thrilled with the finished product.

Beautiful Kitchen Restoration after Grease Fire in Texarkana, TX

The owners of this home in Texarkana, TX are lucky that the grease fire in their kitchen was put out so quickly.  Only the wall behind the exhaust ven... READ MORE