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Why Fire Damage Keeps Your Family Out

10/19/2021 (Permalink)

House fires have many different causes, and one of these causes includes children sneaking off to play with matches or lighters out of curiosity.

Children playing with fire-causing materials are not the only source of fire damage of course. However, keeping lighters, matches, and other items in safe locations is one way to prevent some fires. Children who visit your home can be a source of these items, so keeping an eye on children playing with your own son or daughter can also decrease any risk. After a fire starts in a home, the cause is often determined by the fire department simply as a matter of their standard operations.

Once a house fire has been put out, SERVPRO can begin the restoration work needed to get the displaced family back home and able to renew their regular routines. Without this work, families are often not allowed to live in the home, and even obtaining basic items from the house can be cautioned against attempting. Structural damage, air quality, and other possible risks can pose ongoing hazards to those who are inside.

Fire causes many different problems in a home, including areas that never saw any actual fire or flames.
- Smoke travels steadily but quickly, and can completely fill a house entirely, leaving behind ashes, soot, and odors everywhere. Stirring up these remnants of the fire can aggravate breathing problems in some individuals, inducing asthma attacks.
- Charring and partial burning can leave structures looking as if there was little damage to them when the opposite is true, leaving them ready to topple over or crash down with only a little bit of additional weight.
- Electrical power is often disconnected to a home, and with boarded-up windows, even daytime ventures inside can be dark and hazardous.
- Water is to be expected after a fire has been extinguished, but it is often present in the form of higher humidity and moisture-laden materials and possessions. This can add to any structural damage of floors already sustained.

SERVPRO technicians make assessments of the entire home based on their IICRC training and extensive experience. These evaluations give them the information to not only protect themselves from existing hazards but also help determine the quickest way to restore your home to livable standards again.

SERVPRO of Texarkana can restore your home from all of these problems that come with fire damage. We are local and can be reached at 903-832-4400 at any hour, day or night, every day of the year.

The Furry of Fire

10/15/2021 (Permalink)

Restoring your property to its previous condition may seem like an impossible feat to tackle as you look at the disaster. However, with a fire restoration company such as SERVPRO of Texarkana helping you, our knowledge and experience can help get your building looking its best and back into operational condition... "Like it never even happened."

Fire and smoke damage can be caused by a number of reasons. One of the most prominent smoke and fire source begins with faulty electrical wiring. Since people can forget to turn off an electric appliance, or create sparks when using electrical powered tools, human error is also high on the list as a common factor in fires. The damage caused by smoke and soot can lead to significant loss (sometimes greater damage than was caused by the fire flames). That’s why it’s critical to find a trusted restoration company such as SERVPRO of Texarkana. From immediately after the fire through the recovery process, you’ll feel comforted knowing that they’ll work diligently to clean and restore your property to its pre-fire state.

Your One-Stop Shop for Smoke and Fire Restoration
We recognize the physical and emotional stress that comes with commercial fire damage.  Our team of experts empathizes with the property owners, company owners and employees who are in the midst of a crisis, and we will guide you every step of the way. From structural repairs and content restoration to soot cleaning and odor control, you can count on our services. We are a licensed contractor with a host of licensed sub-contractors who help us solve fire damage problems.

One of our sub-contractor specialists can help repair and restoration office equipment and even heavy manufacturing equipment.

We are one of the leading fire damage restoration cleaning facilities in this area. We have a large in-house smoke cleaning and deodorizing facility. We take pride in our work. 

We SERVPRO of Texarkana and are ready to help you where ever you need us. Just call: 903-832-4400

Flooded Office

10/13/2021 (Permalink)

There is never a good time to experience a property disaster.

Providing emergency property damage services for commercial establishments is one of the main services we provide at SERVPRO of Texarkana.

Water damage/flooding events are the most common disaster at offices and other commercial properties. Fire is second, followed by autos crashing into structures, falling trees, vandalism and others.

There are many restoration companies that are prepared to dry a wet building, only a few companies are equipped to help keep a company open or return them quickly to operation. It’s the business interruption solution services that can make the most difference to business survival. Insurance can pay to restore the business and in some cases even cover lost revenue. However, if a building remains closed so long that customers go elsewhere, then the “damage” is really more devastating than the structural repair.

SERVPRO of Texarkana understands how to dry a wet structure. We can also help with electronics, office equipment, manufacturing equipment and the other parts of a business that might be impacted. Our team can set up electrical power generators and lighting. We will place storage pods and tents at a job site along with security so that temporary workstations can be set up.

If you experience a serious disaster at you office or facility call us at 903-832-4400.

Board Up Service

10/11/2021 (Permalink)

There are so many ways that a structure can be damaged and could require emergency board up services of windows and doors, or large gaps in walls... Wind damage, falling trees and falling tree limbs, vehicles crashing into buildings are common causes. Vandalism and robbery accounts for many window board up jobs too.

The heat from fires can blow out window glass, and in some situations, fire fighters may intentionally break out specific windows to pump water into a structure to extinguish the fire.

At SERVPRO of Texarkana, we have performed emergency board up services for each of the potential sources discussed. Our trained and experienced technicians stand ready, with an inventory of board-up supplies to respond when and where we are needed. This is just another way we help our community. If you need our services, we are just a phone call away! 903-832-4400.

Roof Damages Can Allow Flooding In Your Residence

10/5/2021 (Permalink)

Taking care of your home means taking the time and the effort to ensure that all of its components are working up to their expectations. Neglecting processes like roof inspections on an annual or semi-annual basis can leave you unaware when storms have caused substantial damages to the support system for your roof or individual shingles. One point of weakness can be all that is necessary to allow water to flow into your home from runoff or torrential rainfall.

Flood damages in your home can spread quickly to the point of being out of control. Especially when the flood waters enter through an area like the attic, they can widen out to affect multiple rooms simultaneously as gravity pulls the water towards the lower levels of your house. Combating these effects requires experienced technicians with specialized training in water restoration like you find with our SERVPRO team.

From the moment that our highly trained crew arrives at your house, we get to work quickly on assessing the point of entry for the damage your home has sustained. If the damage is not substantial in this area, we can board or tarp over this point of entry until the appropriate measures can get taken to reconstruct this damage to your roof.

The focus of our SERVPRO technicians following that step is to mitigate your loss by removing at-risk items as quickly as possible from all of the affected areas. This step is known as packing out, and it involves taking these items to a safe location for evaluation and focused restoration where required. Meanwhile, the restoration to your home has begun, and these removed items get returned following the successful restoration of the damage to your house.

As you can see, our professional restoration team goes to great lengths to navigate you through the often stressful experience of combating flood damages. If you have an emergency like this that you face in your home, you can always count on our SERVPRO of Texarkana water damage technicians to respond quickly and work efficiently to bring your home back to the way it should be. Give us a call 24/7 at (903) 832-4400.

Understanding Effects of Flood Damage in Your Property Helps Improve Restoration

10/1/2021 (Permalink)

It is possible to save your waterlogged property if you take the right steps. The level of success also depends on how fast the restoration process starts, so you should start immediately if there is a chance. However, your efforts might focus on the wrong actions if you do not understand the effects floods have on various sections of your property. Knowing which areas can be problematic is essential even when you hire a professional to help with the restoration because it builds your confidence in the work they do.

During incidences of flood damage certain areas are likely to be more affected. The level of damage depends on the material used in the specific area and the general position of the area in relation to the movement of water. For example, the areas closer to the floor may end up submerged for extended periods, so the damage might be more extensive even if the water originates from the roof. Our SERVPRO technicians try to extract any standing water immediately so that the mitigation process starts reducing the period of exposure.

Materials like drywall weaken when exposed to water. Insulation too readily absorbs water if the fiber or foam used is absorbent. The situation is different for insulation made of closed-cell foam because it does not absorb water quickly. Before tearing down everything in the affected areas, our SERVPRO team inspects the entire property to establish salvageable materials. Retaining such materials can help reduce the costs of restoring your property.

You might be worried that the floodwaters would damage the wooden frame of the structure compromising its integrity. Luckily, the solid lumber used in the frames withstands flooding unless left sitting in the water for weeks. The wood might swell a bit after soaking up some water, but it eventually dries regaining its shape and structural integrity. Fast extraction of the water in the affected areas is essential to guarantee this and prevent problems like mold. Our SERVPRO team brings the necessary water extraction tools, air movers, and dehumidifiers to help dry any affected areas fast enough.

Call SERVPRO of Texarkana if your property floods. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster offering advice and the necessary assistance to restore your property to its preloss state.

Mold issue? Need Tips?

9/29/2021 (Permalink)

It is worth noting that the best advice about mold is to prevent it from growing in the first place. Fix plumbing leaks and other water problems as soon as possible before mold has a chance to develop. Control indoor humidity by opening windows and operating fans after showering. Keep indoor humidity below 60%.

Many people believe that bleach is a cure all when it comes to mold cleanup. It’s not. When you see mold on a hard surface such as ceramic tile use detergentand water and a scrub brush or sponge to remove it. Note: do not use bleach. When the cleanup is done, dry the area completely. Avoid exposing yourself or others to mold during the cleaning process. Wear rubber gloves and a disposable paper filter mask (available at hardware stores.) An N-95 rated mask is recommended because it filters out fine dust and mold spores.

Please note that mold may cause staining and cosmetic damage. It might not be possible to clean an item so that its original appearance is restored. This is especially true concerning soft goods. That’s why, absorbent or porous materials, such as ceiling tiles and carpet, may have to be thrown away if they become moldy. Mold can grow on or fill in the empty spaces and crevices of porous materials, so the mold may be difficult or impossible to remove completely. Any traces of mold will grow again if moisture/humidity is present.

It is tempting to paint or caulk over top of moldy surfaces. Don’t! Always clean up the mold and dry the surfaces before painting. Paint applied over moldy surfaces will almost always peel.

Need more ideas about self-do it mold cleaning… the EPA website provides plenty of helpful advice concerning mold cleanup. The site also informs its’ readers that experts should be consulted when visible mold has affected 10 square feet or more of interior surface.

If you’re unsure about how to clean an item, or if the contaminated item is expensive or of sentimental value, contact SERVPRO of Texarkana. We are specialists in mold cleanup and we work with furniture repair, restoration, painting, art conservation experts. We also perform HVAC cleaning, carpet cleaning, and odor control and other specialty cleaning work. Should you need our services, or wish to talk about mold, call us today at 903-832-4400... SERVPRO of Texarkana is at your service.

Three Basic Carpet Cleaning Methods...

9/27/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Texarkana provides carpet cleaning services for residential and commercial clients. Both owners of the company have a long history of performing carpet cleaning. Both owners learned carpet cleaning from their fathers.

There are three primary carpet cleaning methods available to consumers on the Peninsula. 1 - Shampoo. 2 - Steam (Hot Water Extraction) 3 - Low Moisture Cleaning.

Which method is best? Service providers and consumers debate this issue. Let’s review the three methods of carpet cleaning to see if one is better than the other.

Shampoo method is the original carpet cleaning system. It employs an electric powered rotary brush to apply cleaning detergents with a brushing action. Shampooing does an excellent job of cleaning but leaves detergent residue on the carpet fibers. Shampoo cleaners say this residue and the suspended soil particles will turn into tiny crystals that can be vacuumed away.

Steam – Hot Water Extraction is designed to apply cleaning agents to attack soils and then the residues are flushed away using a hot water rinse that is removed with a “wet” vacuum machine (an extractor). This system will do an outstanding job of cleaning carpeting that is very soiled. However, it has the potential of leaving carpets damp.

Low Moisture Cleaning is a category that includes “dry cleaning”, “bonnet cleaning” and “encapsulation.” Basically all low moisture cleaning is based upon a delivery system in which the cleaning agents (and a minimal amount of water) are applied to the top surface of the carpeting using soft brushes, swirling cotton pads and the like. The cleaning agents (especially encapsulation) are designed to grab onto soils, dissolve them and turn the residue into crystal that can be vacuumed away. This may sound a lot like what happens with shampoo detergents, but the chemistry is far more advanced and works better.

SERVPRO of Texarkana can perform each type of cleaning. However, our preferred method is called “show case”. We use a shampoo machine to gently scrub the carpet and loosen deep down soils and then we use steam (hot water extraction) to flush everything away. Our certified technicians spend extra effort in the vacuuming phase to leave as little moisture as possible in the carpet. We believe this provides the best combination of cleaning systems.

Our customer service department would be pleased to talk with you about your carpet cleaning needs…. 903-832-4400

What to Do About Bad Odors

9/20/2021 (Permalink)

An odor is comprised of tiny gas particles that are measured in microns. For comparison, the diameter of a human hair is measured at about 100 microns. Little odor particles (bubbles of gas) are about 4 microns in size. That is tiny and helps to explain how odor travels so easily through the air, and why certain odor particles that have settled on objects can be so invasive and difficult to remove.

Consumers have many deodorizing products to select from (too many). The majority of deodorizers are nothing more than masking agents (cover ups for unpleasant odors). Masking products can do a nice job of hiding unpleasant odors while these unpleasant smelling odors dissipate. Unfortunately, many odors linger and will outlast the masking agent. These “bad or strong” odors are usually from wet and oily sources such as: cooking oils, grease, urine, vomit, tobacco smoke, skunk spray, soot residues and others. Attempting to cover up these odors simply won’t produce lasting or satisfactory results. Success in eliminating strong odors requires thorough cleaning of the contaminated surfaces using special cleaning agents designed to tackle each specific source… the stink just won’t go away until the odor source is removed or neutralized. Some odors can last for years.

This is where the science of cleaning and deodorizing comes into play. Experts such as the technicians at SERVPRO of Texarkana understands the PH and chemical makeup of odor sources. They’re trained and even certified in correct odor removal procedures including how to apply effective professional cleaning agents that are not available to the consumer.

If your home, office or commercial facility has a difficult odor problem, we can help. Please call SERVPRO of Texarkana at 903-832-4400 to make it "Like it never even happened." 

The Reality of Flood Damages To Your Home

9/20/2021 (Permalink)

While you might not always think of your home as being susceptible to flooding, this unfortunate occurrence happens more often than area residents might realize. Typically, this traumatic disaster occurs in conjunction with storm damage from the heavy systems that pass through the area and offer both torrential rains as well as powerful winds that can knock down weaker trees, their limbs, or remove siding and shingles from your roof.
Once your home has gotten damaged by a storm moving through the area, you now have a vulnerable point of access for the rainwater to create flood damages in your residence. While there might not be a way that you can entirely avoid this possibility, there are ways that you can help to prevent irreparable damages and your insurance claim to the lowest that it can be: call professional restoration services, like what our SERVPRO team provides, immediately.
Our goal is to respond to your disaster as quickly as possible, and giving us the opportunity to address your flood damages as they happen can help us to get the job done more quickly, and you to have less time to worry about the damages in your home. If the flooding is still occurring when our team arrives at your home, our SERVPRO professionals work quickly to seal up the vulnerable points to prevent further water damage so that the restoration process can get underway.
Extraction is always a critical component to restoring flood damages to your home, and depending on the severity of the present water, could require portable pumps and wet-vacs, or even a pump truck from our fleet. Once the water has gotten successfully pulled from the affected area, then drying efforts can begin. This may take days, depending on the depth of the water, temperature, humidity, and structural conditions of the house.

While there are many different ways that your home might find itself at the mercy of flood damages, you do not have to face these effects on your own. You can always count on the dependability and professionalism of SERVPRO of Texarkana. Our team can work quickly to prevent irreparable damage to your home and restore it back to the way it used. whenever possible. Give us a call anytime at (903) 832-4400.